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In my early 20's, a friend who I knew since childhood and I bought very cheap tickets to fly to Bali. We went straight from the airport, late at night, to Ubud, a village near the mountains. Thinking back now, it might have looked rather strange that we went to the mountains rather than the beach while we were still so young....

Among scenery which somehow made me feel nostalgic, and in a place where time flows very slowly….like many other travelers who have come here from all over the globe, I fell in love with this comfortable part of the world. And then after a couple of years, how could I have imagined marrying someone from this country…..overcoming strong opposition along the way, I took a decision in my late 20's which would lead to an unpredictable future, but I made it through until today, with the support of many friends.

  『ma:an』is a small shop in Ubud which I opened after I started living in Bali, around the time of giving birth. Handmade items sensitively manufactured by Indonesian craftsmen and the slowly passing Balinese time . . . . With my strong appreciation of the characteristics of this country, my long journey will continue. Please drop in when you visit Ubud, Bali.

『ma:an』 means " a mama + a child" in Indonesian.

Wayan  Murjawan  ,  Yuri  Tsuchiya