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Bamboo products are everywhere in Bali. But I was very naïve in thinking that it would be easy to find a bamboo craftsman. The first man I tried loved gambling and his work changed depending on the outcome of his bets, so it was by no means stable. The second man had a good skill level, but we had a hard time communicating. I thought that my Indonesian was not good enough, so I had my husband try to speak with him, but it was difficult even between two Indonesian people. On top of it, he was continually raising the price of his work, so we started searching for another craftsman. The man we finally found was able to do fine detailed work better than anybody I had met, so we had very high expectations of him.

One day it rained very hard and a tree fell on his house, totally destroying it. He was fine, but lost his house and everything, which made it difficult for him to continue working with us. It was the busiest time, just before my exhibition, and I had to start again from scratch…I couldn't laugh this time. I somehow tried to forget my feelings and went deep in the mountains. The person I met there was an old lady, who has great skill and an amazing personality. After all, we were able to laugh and joke that the best and most dependable workers might be women.