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Iron  tree  /  KAYU    BESIH

In my late 20's, I was suddenly intrigued by a tribe. I heard about an old lady in a tribe of long-eared people on the Indonesian island of Kalimantan, so I headed there. On this island, I met the people of the Dayak tribe, who made textiles with a tool made of iron wood. The origin of the name tells us that this wood is as hard as iron - what a surprise! Even to someone like me who knew very little about wood, it felt very heavy and full in my hand. As time goes by, being exposed to air, the wood gets darker and more tasteful in color. Even after a couple of years had passed, I couldn't forget about the wood, so I ordered the tree from Kalimantan.

As the wood is very hard, a woodworker seems to spend more time stropping than carving, it is slowly becoming into shape.