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Leather craftsman/Romant

Even if we try to be complimentary, we can't call this land clean, and our leather products are also made in a very basic atelier. What we use to make ballet shoes is sheep leather, and cow leather for the soles. Sheep leather is very soft, moist and smooth. Shoes which are made with it are so light so that I can forget that I am wearing them. The master at this atelier is a Javanese, Mr. Romant. He really likes talking and won't stop it once he starts. We have been working together more than 8 years, and, although he has never once met the deadline, I always go back to him as he has a high skill level. In the past when a volcano erupted in Java, even though he was not from there, he immediately rushed there to do some volunteer work. I came to know this side of him for the first time only after we had been working together for a long time.